Zhebao Group Management Co., LTD. Cadre appointment and outstanding staff commendation conference
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Zhebao Group Management Co., LTD. Cadre appointment and outstanding staff commendation conference

2018-08-07 09:15

In order to strengthen the internal management system of the company, standardize the operation process of the enterprise, define the functions of each department to carry out new personnel appointment. In order to further gather strength, better set up models and motivate advanced employees, commend and reward employees who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company's work in 2017. On June 27, Zhejiang Explosion Group held a grand meeting for the appointment of management cadres and the commendation of outstanding employees in 2017.




Liu Zeyuan, general manager of Xinba Technology, Lin Gang, Deputy general manager of Xinba Technology, Yu Binyong, group leader of improvement and promotion team, And Luo Xiaodan, director of procurement center, respectively took the stage to deliver their acceptance speeches.



Set up typical, encourage advanced, through each company elect, the group company selects 19 outstanding employees altogether. The company honored 19 outstanding employees who worked actively and made outstanding contributions in 2017, and highly recognized their hard work and contributions in the past year.

The list of outstanding staff of each company and center is as follows:

First, the new hegemony technology

1. Engine Business Division:

(1) Engine workshop: Lin Hong, Wang Fang, Tong Yanfang, Zhou Rongjian;

(2) Spray painting workshop: Caigui Tube;

(3) Technology Department: Feng Bo.

2. Self-made parts Workshop of Engine Business Division:

(1) Magneto Workshop: Mou Yan;

(2) Clutch workshop: Xing Jiabin;

(3) Cylinder head workshop: Wang Zhicui.

3. Motor Business Division:

(1) Embedding workshop: Jiang Xinping;

(2) General assembly Section: Chen Yuxiang;

(3) Product and Technology Department: Wu Chunxia.

Two, Zhejiang explosion motor

1. Production Department:

(1) Metalworking workshop: Li Yeqing, Wen Deqin;

(2) Final assembly workshop:

2. Technology Department: Zhang Minhui.

Financial center

Zhang yu.

Iv. Management Center

Mao Yinping.

V. Purchasing Center

Materials Department: CAI Lingzhong.


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