Quality is our honor
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Quality is our honor

2018-08-06 17:20

On July 24, 2018, "Motor Quality Management", delivered by Mr. He Xinghui, head of The Technical Department of Xinba Technology And Electrical Engineering Division, was held as scheduled in the training room on the fifth floor. There should be 28 people, but there were 24, and 4 people asked for leave. The main purpose of this training is to improve the quality awareness of employees and continuously improve the quality of products.

The effect of product quality on enterprises:

1. Excellent product quality enables enterprises to win the market;

2. Excellent product quality can enable enterprises to obtain better benefits;

3. Excellent product quality can realize the sustainable development of the enterprise.

The importance of product quality to an enterprise goes without saying, if we don't pay attention to product quality, we will eventually be unable to move forward. It is not enough just to realize the importance of quality, we should do it well, to seek for quality, but also to put it into the hearts of every employee of the enterprise, to form a firm quality awareness; Seek quality, want to pay attention to detail more, start from trifles, care product quality like caressing flower.

Product quality is the cornerstone of brand value, can reflect the technical content and culture of the enterprise, without quality there is no famous brand.

After the explanation by The lecturer He Xinghui, the staff deeply realized the importance of quality and had a lot of comprehension for the improvement of product quality. The training was successfully held.

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