Human resources

Make the best use of your talents

Talent concept


"Morality first, just for use; To achieve the same growth and development of employees and enterprises "is the company's talent policy.

Talent strategy has always been an important part of the development strategy of Zhebao Group. "Know people well and make the best use of their talents" is the tenet of Zhebao, and "absorb and develop talents" is the core of the talent strategy.

  "People-oriented" is an important concept of Zhebao enterprise culture, talent is an important resource, is the foundation of enterprise development, competition. In Zhebao, there is a broad space for personal development, excellent environment for personal growth, effective performance appraisal and incentive mechanism, rich corporate culture and generous welfare treatment. In Zhebao, there is a set of scientific human resource management system for talent recruitment, selection, use and development. All this, so that every ideal, capable people can play in their respective positions, to achieve self-ambition!

In Zhexao Group, employees have the sense of identity of enterprise value, the sense of belonging to the cause, the sense of achievement of struggle and the sense of security of life.

Zhejiang Explosion, employees release energy stage of life!