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"Virtue first, then use; It is the company's talent policy to realize the growth and development of employees and enterprises together.

Talent strategy has always been an important part of the development strategy of Zhejiang Explosion Group. "Knowing and making good use of people" is the employment purpose of Zhejiang Explosion Group, and "absorbing and developing talents" is the core of the talent strategy of Zhejiang Explosion Group.

"People-oriented" is an important concept of Zhejiang Explosion corporate culture, talent is an important resource, is the development of the enterprise, the basis of competition. In Zhejiang Explosive, there is a broad personal development space, excellent personal growth environment, effective performance evaluation incentive mechanism, rich corporate culture and generous welfare treatment; In Zhejiang Explosion, there is a set of scientific talent recruitment, selection, use and development of human resources management system. All of these, so that every ideal, capable people can in their respective positions to play, to achieve their own ambitions!

In Zhejiang Explosion Group, employees have the sense of enterprise value, the sense of belonging of career, the sense of achievement of struggle, and the sense of security of life.

Zhejiang explosion, staff release energy of life stage!

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