Cadres appointment and outstanding staff commendation conference

In order to strengthen the internal management system of the company, standardize the operation process of the enterprise, clarify the functions of each department to appoint new personnel. In order to further gather strength, better set up a model and motivate advanced, to commend and reward the employees who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company in 2017. On June 27, Zhebao Group solemnly held the management cadre appointment and 2017 annual outstanding employee commendation conference.





Liu Zeyuan, general manager of Xinba Technology, Lin Gang, Chief executive officer of Xinba Technology, Yu Binyong, Deputy general manager of Xinba Technology, Ye Jinsong, leader of the Group's improvement and promotion team, and Luo Xiaodan, director of Procurement Center's cost control Department, respectively delivered their office speeches on the stage.



Set up a typical, encourage advanced, through the selection of the company, the group company selected a total of 19 outstanding employees. The company honored 19 outstanding employees who worked actively and made outstanding contributions in 2017, and highly recognized their hard work and contributions in the past year.

The list of outstanding employees of each company and Center is as follows:

First, new hegemony science and technology

1. Engine Division:

(1) Engine Workshop: Lin Hong, Wang Fang, Tong Yanfang, Zhou Rongjian;

(2) Spray painting workshop: tube Caigui;

(3) Technical Department: Feng Bo.

2. Engine Division Homemade parts workshop:

(1) Magneto Workshop: Mou Yan;

(2) Clutch workshop: Xing Peibin;

(3) Cylinder head workshop: Wang Zhicui.

3. Motor Division:

(1) Wiring workshop: Jiang Xinping;

(2) Final assembly section: Chen Yuxiang;

(3) Product and Technology Department: Wu Chunxia.

Two, Zhejiang explosion motor

1. Production Department:

(1) Metalworking workshop: Li Yeqing, Wen Deqin;

(2) Final assembly workshop: Zhangdaodi;

2. Technical Department: Zhang Minhui.

3. Financial Center

Zhang Yu.

Iv. Management Center

5. Procurement Center

Materials Department: CAI Lingzhong.



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Quality is our honor

On July 24, 2018, the Motor Quality Management lecture lectured by He Xinghui, director of the Technology Department of the Motor Division of Xinba Technology was held as scheduled in the training room on the fifth floor. 28 people were supposed to arrive, but 24 people actually arrived and 4 people asked for leave. This training is mainly to improve the quality awareness of employees, and constantly improve the quality of products.

Start from the heart, practice in line, excellent in product

In order to further improve the quality awareness of employees and continuously improve the engine quality management, the "Quality Management" lecture given by Jin Wei, quality Assurance Director of Engine Division of Xinba Keju Examination was held as scheduled in the training room on the fifth floor at 17:40 PM on July 7, 2018. 33 people should arrive, 30 people actually arrived and 3 people asked for leave.

New Ba technology 6s management promotion mobilization conference

In order to improve the quality of site management, enhance the corporate image, to achieve high production efficiency, high product returns, in line with the principle of full participation. Specially convened the New Ba technology 6s management promotion mobilization conference. The leader of 6S management promotion group and the team members had a heated discussion and were determined to do a good job of 6S in each workshop area pragmatically.

Autumn love warms the heart

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to implement the spirit of the document No. 17 [2018] issued by Huang Wenming Office, the Party Committee and labor union of the company, accompanied by the leaders of Beiyang Town, brought moon cakes, fruits and sympathy money to Tong Xuechi's home in Xicen Village of Beiyang, Huangyan, and brought Mid-Autumn blessings to him. In Xicen Village, Beiyang Town, Huangyan, when you ask about the children's school, the villagers all know, "It is not easy to build the children's school of road. It has been done for nearly 50 years." The octogenarian old man's good deeds of road building moved many villagers. The leader of the company kindly greetings Tong uncle's health and living conditions. Everyone sincerely felt that Uncle Tong warmed the village with his own practical actions,

I add style to the party flag volunteer activities

The company, together with the Party Committee, organizes Party members to carry out voluntary service activities of "five-water co-governance Party members in advance". Party members came to Yongning River greenway to pick up garbage, river patrol activities, braving the scorching sun along the greenway with a black garbage bag in one hand holding a clip on the ground cigarette, beverage cans and other garbage picked up into the garbage can.

Strengthen training and improve the quality of Zhejiang Explosion staff busy charging

With the rapid development of enterprises, want to keep up with the pace of The Times, it is necessary to charge at any time, only training is the permanent development of enterprises. Enterprise training is to renew and recharge the knowledge of old employees, and to guide new employees to enter the new environment and refine and standardize their thinking and behavior. Training is the process of improving employees' skills, improving their comprehensive quality and improving their ability to survive in the society. Training can broaden employees' horizons, increase their knowledge, enhance their ability, improve their skills, and enable them to do their jobs better and faster. Zhejiang Explosion Group 2018 semi-annual training plan came out!