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IE1 3 Columns Aluminum Three-Phase Induction Motor


  • Description
  • Technical parameter
  • Installation and size
  • Anatomical drawing
  • Bearing specifications
    • Commodity name: IE1 3 Columns Aluminum Three-Phase Induction Motor
    • Commodity ID: 1104100917465731072

      Aluminum case series three-phase asynchronous motors, with a new design of aluminum alloy die-casting housing,its installation size,electrical performance and cast iron shell the same, with a novel appearance,compact structure,easy maintenance and other characteristics,can be widely used in fans, water pumps, reducer and other fields.


      The efficiency value of this series can meet lE1 of IEC60034-30-1:2014.



      The degrees of protection:lP55;

      Cooling type:IC411;

      lnsulation class:155(F).


      Operation Conditions

      Rated voltage:380V;

      Rated Frequency:50Hz;

      Operation mode is s1(continuous duty);

      Less than 1000 meters above elevation;

      The variation of temperature to the season shall be kept within -15~+40℃.




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