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YVF2 series three-phase induction electric motor for frequency converter
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YVF2 series three-phase induction electric motor for frequency converter

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YVF2 series variable frequency speed regulating three-phase asynchronous motors are derived on the basis of Y2 series motors. The frame number and installation dimensions corresponding to the same power are the same as those of Y2 series, but the overall length of the appearance is appropriately increased.
YVF2 series motors use a separate axial fan as the cooling air source to ensure the temperature rise of the motor at low frequencies.
The YVF2 series motor can be matched with various variable frequency devices at home and abroad. The speed control system composed of it has the characteristics of obvious energy saving, wide speed range, strong overload capacity, and good low-speed performance. It can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, Textile, light industry, papermaking and other occasions.

Structure description
The protection level of the motor is IP54;
The cooling method of the motor is IC416;
The insulation class of the motor is class F;
The number of poles of the motor is 4 poles;
The power of 55kW and below is Y connection. The power of 55kW5 or more is △ connection.

Conditions of Use
Rated voltage: 380V;
Rated frequency: 50Hz;
Work mode: S1 (continuous work system);
The altitude does not exceed 1000m;
The temperature of ambient air should not exceed 40℃, and the lowest is -15℃;
When the monthly average minimum temperature is within 25℃; the monthly average maximum relative humidity is 90%.

Frequency range
H80-H225 is 5-100Hz, of which 5-50Hz is constant torque speed regulation, and 50-100Hz is constant power speed regulation.
H250-H355 is 3-100Hz, of which 3-50Hz is constant torque speed regulation, and 50-100Hz is constant power speed regulation.

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Frame Size POLES High Eifficiency Motor(ID*OD*Width) 
Driving end Non driving end
80 6204-2RZ(20*47*14)
90 6205-2RZ(25*52*15)
100 6206-2RZ(30*62*16)
112 6206-2RZ
132 6208-2RZ(40*80*18)
160 2 6309-2RZ(45*100*25) 6209-2RZ
160 4.6.8
180 2 6311-2RZ(55*120*29) 6211-2RZ
180 4.6.8
200 2 6312-2RZ(60*130*31) 6212-2RZ
200 4.6.8
225 2 6313-2RZ(65*140*33) 6312-2RZ
225 4.6.8
250 2 6313 6313
250 4.6.8 6314(70*150*35)
280 2 6314 6314
280 4.6.8 6317(85*180*41)
315 2 6317
315 6319(95*200*45)
355 2 6322(110*240*50)
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