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YB3 Series explosion-proof three-phase induction electric motor
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YB3 Series explosion-proof three-phase induction electric motor

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YB3 series explosion-proof three-phase induction electric motor is the new generation of YB2 Series motors,applicable to be used as a driving unit in the mine well containing methane or coal dust, or a place containing explosive mixtures of flammable gas or vapour and air, provide the coal, petrol and chemical sectors with new generation driving equipment which is safer,more advanced,more reliable and more efficient.

The efficiency index of this series motors confirms to the energy efficiency grades 2 of specified in GB18613-2012 Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and the energy efficiency grades for small and medium three-phase asynchronous motors. Our YB3 series explosion-proof three-phase induction electric motor have obtained Explosion-proof Certificate, Indusrtial Production License and MA safety mark permit.


Explosion-proof mark
The explosion-proof marks of this series are Exd I Mb. Exd II AT4 Gb. Exd II BT4 Gb.


The degrees of protection: I P55;
Cooling type:IC411;
Insulation class:F.

Operation Conditions
Rated voltage:380V,660V,380/660V, 660/1140V
Rated Frequency:5OHz;
Operation mode is S1 (continuous duty);
Less than 1000 meters above elevation;
The variation of temperature to the season shall be kept within -20-+400C (Indoor type);
Highest average R.H. in the environment:(For motors in the mine well,when the average temperature is 250C) not exceeding
95%; (For motors in factories,when the monthly average temperature is not exceeding 250C) the average humidity should not be more than 90%.

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Frame Size POLES Explosion-proof Motor
Driving end Non driving end
80 6204-2RZ
90 6205-2RZ
100 6206-2RZ
112 6206-2RZ
132 6208-2RZ
160 2 6209-2RZ 6209-2RZ
160 4.6.8 6309-2RZ
180 2 6211-2RZ 6211-2RZ
180 4.6.8 6311-2RZ
200 2 6212-2RZ 6212-2RZ
200 4.6.8 6312-2RZ
225 2 6312-2RZ 6312-2RZ
225 4.6.8 6313-2RZ
250 2 6313 6313
250 4.6.8 6314
280 2 6314 6314
280 4.6.8 6317
315 2 6316(80*170*39)
315 6319
355 2 6322
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