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Twins-sheet-thermoforming (TST) Stand Up Paddle Board
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Twins-sheet-thermoforming (TST) Stand Up Paddle Board

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Twins-sheet-thermoforming (TST) Stand Up Paddle Board:

A EPS core is covered with fibreglass layers which is then impregnated with resin before being moved to a mold containing two prepared High impacted ASA finishing sheets,ASA sheet covered with acrylic have UV protective. Then mold is pressure-sealed, then cooled, the finished product extracted and sent for finishing.

Adtantages of TST stand up paddle board:

-Light weight. TST SUP is approx 30% lighter than HDPE stand up paddle board made by blow molding.

-High Performance similar with Glassfiber and carbon paddle board.

-Excellent Durability compared to Glassfiber and carbon paddle board.

-High production efficiency and stability compared to Epoxy paddle board.

Our Machine capability:

-550CM Maximum Length For Blow molding.

-100CM Maximum Width For Blow molding.

-Be Available in Pure or two-tone color for stand up paddle board Hull and Deck.

-Double Station, one side is used for thermoforming, the other side is used for Twins-Sheet-Thermoforming.

Acceptable to customized Twins-Sheet-Thermoforming Stand Up Paddle Board order.

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