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Thress Piece Stand Up Paddle
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Thress Piece Stand Up Paddle

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Thress Piece Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle:

169.91cm (66.5") length.

208cm (82") fully extended length.

49.86cm (19.63") Blade length.

21.92cm (8.63") Blade width

1.13kg (40.0 oz) Avg.Weight for Aluminum paddle ( Standard Accessories)

0.87kg (30.7 oz) Avg.Weight for Carbon paddle ( Optional Accessories)

Fiberglass+Nylon Blade: The fiberglass and Nylon construction ensure a durable paddle with a reasonable and affordable price, The shape is designed to pull through the water efficiently and reduce paddle fatigue. It is perfect for beginners to intermediate paddlers.

Aluminum or Carbon shaft: Supply different material shaft, The carbon composite shaft contributes to the lightweight of the whole paddle and maintain better performance and protect the shaft from breaking under extreme powerful stroke ;A lightweight and durable aluminum shaft features an oval construction for quick hand placement and firmer gripping, with an affordable price.

Easily Adjustable: This 3-piece ultra compact paddle breakdown into three pieces for fast assembly and easy storage and transportation. Perfect for paddlers of all abilities.

Set the length of the paddle to suit any paddler height by adjusting the Quick lock pin. Can be assembled and adjusted easily from 66.5" to 82".

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