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YVF2 series three-phase induction electric motor for frequency converter

YVF2 series

YVF2 series of three-phase asynchronous motors with variable frequency and speed regulation can be well matched with various frequency conversion devices at home and abroad, forming a stepless speed regulation system. The motor is equipped with an independent axial-flow fan as the cooling air source, which ensures the temperature rise of the motor at low frequencies.

YVF2 series motors are suitable for environments without flammable, explosive and corrosive gases. They are usually used to drive fans, pumps, reducers, machine tools, packaging machinery, transport machinery and other equipment that need to adjust speed.

The motor has the advantages of wide speed range, strong overload capacity and good low-speed performance.

The main junction box of the motor is located at the top or side. It can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as winding temperature sensor, bearing temperature sensor and heater according to user's needs.


Structure elucidation

Protection level IP55

The cooling mode is IC416.

Insulation Class F

Y-connection for power below 55KW and_-connection for power above 55KW


Conditions of use

Seat: H63-355

Power: 0.12 kW-315 kW

Extremum: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Rated voltage: 380V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Quota: continuous working system S1

Frequency conversion range: 3 (5) - 100Hz

Elevation: No more than 1000M

Ambient temperature: the highest is not more than 40 and the lowest is - 15.













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