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YB3 series explosion-proof three-phase induction electric motor

YB3 series

YB3 series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motors are made of flameproof type according to GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive Environment Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment" and GB3836.2-2010 "Explosive Environment Part 2: Equipment Protected by Flameproof Shell"d". The flameproof marks are Ex D I Mb, Ex D II A T4 Gb, Ex D II B T4 Gb.

YB3 series motors are suitable for fixed equipment in coal mine with methane or coal dust, or equipment in places with certain combustible gases or explosive mixtures of steam and air, as a general driving force. Mainly used in coal, petroleum, chemical and other industries, but also in textile, metallurgy, urban gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper, medicine and other industries are widely used, driving pumps, fans, reducers, compressors, conveyors and other transmission machinery.

The motor efficiency accords with grade 3 of GB18613-2012 Energy Efficiency Limitation Value and Energy Efficiency Level of Small and Medium-sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motor, and IEC60034 IE2, which is 8% higher than IE1 on average.

The main junction box of the motor is located at the top, and auxiliary equipment such as winding temperature sensor, bearing temperature sensor, temperature transmitter and heater can also be installed according to user's needs.


Structure elucidation

Protection level IP55

The cooling mode is IC411.

Insulation Class F


Conditions of use

Seat: H63-355

Power: 0.12 kW-315 kW

Extremum: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Rated voltage: 380V, 660V, 380/660V, 660/1140V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Quota: continuous working system S1

Elevation: No more than 1000M

Ambient temperature: the highest is not more than 40 and the lowest is - 15.
















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