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Talent strategy has been an essential part of the development strategy of Zhebao Group. Zhebao has been guided by the employment principle of “know people and make good use of them” and “give full scope to the talents” and the policy of “absorbing talents and developing talents”, which is also the core of Zhebao’s talent strategy.

People foremost is an important concept of Zhebao’s corporate culture. Talents are both important resource and are the root for the development and competition of an enterprise. Zhebao has broad room of development and outstanding environment of growth for individuals as well as effective performance appraisal incentive mechanism, rich corporate culture, and generous welfare and remuneration. Zhebao has complete and scientific human resource management system for talent recruitment, selection, employment and development. All these enable each one of our competent employee with ideal to give full play to his abilities on the posts and turn his aspiration into reality.

All the employees of Zhebao have the sense of identity for corporate value, the sense of belonging of their cause, the sense of achievement for their hard work and the sense of security for their life.

Now Zhebao has become a stage for our employees to unleash their energies.