In June 1967

upon approval of related superior department, Huangyan Motor Repair Factory was changed into Huangyan Motor Factory. The main products included JO2 and JO3 three-phase aluminum motor and AB3 double speed motor. 

In 1980 

 H80 - 160 motor series replaced JO2 and JO3 product series. 

In May 1985

our company signed the agreement on joint production of YB series 80 - 112 explosion-proof motor with Shanghai Wuyi Motor Factory which was also renamed as Shanghai Wuyi Huangyan Branch.

On October 28, 1987

our enterprise was renamed as Zhejiang Explosion-proof Motor Factory upon approval of the provincial mechanical department and the provincial industrial and commercial bureau. 

In November 1999

our enterprise carried out the reform of property rights system and established Zhejiang Explosion-proof Motor Co., Ltd. 

On July 23, 2010

Taizhou Xinba Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd. purchased Zhejiang Explosion-proof Motor Co., Ltd. and carried out asset restructuring, which offered new fund for enteprise development. 

On Nov. 6, 2012

Zhebao Group Taizhou Taiying Technology Co., Ltd. (a subordinate enterprise of the Group) was founded, which focused on the production of permanent magnet DC brushless motor. 

In November 1992

the 80 -160 motor series was rated as excellent product of the province and ministry. 

In December 1982

our factory was located at No. 1 Meihuajing Road, Huangyan Chengguan. 

In October 1986

the provincial mechanical department presided over the YB explosion-proof motor appraising meeting in Huangyan Huaqiao Building. The YB explosion-proof motor was put into batch production. 

In 1989

our enterprise was rated as advanced unit of the district and passed the acceptance check on permitting producing national-level products. 

In November 1998

our enterprise obtained the ISO quality management system certification. 

In December 2005

to become bigger and more powerful, our enterprise moved to the present factory address (No. 22 Kangqiang Road, Huangyan Beicheng) 

On June 21, 2011

our enterprise was renamed as Zhebao Group Co, Ltd. which had such subsidiaries as Taizhou Xinba Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Taiying Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd., and  Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Jianzheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

On Dec. 2, 2013

our Group subsidiary Taizhou Taiying Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. was founded, which focused on the production of electric vehicles and accessories. 

In 2014


On May 2, 1966

Huangyan Motor Repair Factory was established at Guanzhong Lane, Huangyancheng. 。

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