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About us


1) Mission of Group enterprise
To become a benchmarking enterprise of the industry and contribute to the society, we shall supply green, environmental-friendly and reliable products.
2) Core value of Group
Great virtue; win-win development.
3) Concept of the Groups’ second pioneering work
Zhebao people only do pioneering work, without the concept of maintaining business. From now on, we shall start from zero, surpass the status quo, and achieve leapfrog development.
4) Employee spirit
Devotion to work, love of job, solidarity, mutual assistance, zero crossing, abandon legging behind;
5) The Group’s operation and management concept
A. Management concept: Everyone has work to do, all the work shall be done by everyone, and enable strategy and execution to realize seamless connection.
B. Quality concept: Quality is both the root for an enterprise to remain evergreen in its foundation and a magic key for an enterprise to defeat its competitors. Quality is the result of production, management and inspection, and everyone is an inspector.
C. Concept of cost: 100%’s error is 100%’s loss. Cost is no petty thing, and saving starts from trifles.
D. Concept of improvement: A little improvement everyday is the large source for the continuous progress for corporate management.
E. Concept of execution: Act according to regulations without finding cause or excuse. Result is your performance.
F. Work concept: There are always more methods than difficulties. Work in a right way. Put first and urgent things first.
G. Concept of talent: Most people are men of ability. Designate assignment according to employee’s competence. Avoid his drawbacks and take advantage of his advantages. Do things according to ability. Suitable post shall be assumed by suitable person.
6) Management philosophy
A. Integration: become big from small, concentrate heart and wisdom; entirety includes individuals; individuals are the essential composition of entirety;
B. Target: Orientation is lighthouse; result is truth and the process of endeavor from quantitative to qualitative change;
C. Improvement: Outdo ourselves, surpass by making zero, negation of negation, continuous improvement;